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New Contract Opener and System Data Input – Manager

At ATE, we process real estate closings with a high-tech, high-touch approach on behalf of our clients. When a purchaser signs a new contract, the sales agent sends an email to ATE with what we call the fully executed purchase contract or As-Is Contract (the “New Contract”). To initiate ATE, the realtor drafts a New Contract with ATE in the document as the Title and Escrow company. Next, the realtor or someone else in the transaction communicates with a phone call and an email. Adam or Cathleen will review signatures and confirm it was signed correctly or send it back for amendment.

Once approved, it moves onto the next step of the process, sending it to the New Contract Opener and System Data Input Manager. The email goes to, and this is where you get engaged in the process with a (“New Contract Initiation Email”).

The process is engaging and requires focus, attention to detail, communication skills, meeting incredible people, and is tedious and tiresome. The role is best suited for a meticulous mind and eye, with a personality for curiously, reposefulness, grit, and self-determination. The process is similar to building a puzzle, filling in the blanks, and connecting the dots.

Generally, this position is best suited for an organized, highly engaged and communicative individual who enjoys completeness, and accuracy with the blending of information sources into a manageable systems, and takes pride in the accuracy of communications, data and accuracy.

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