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As the escrow agent, we are fully licensed, insured for any amount, and utilize industry-standard digital cyber-security protocols.

Alligator Title & Escrow provides escrow services for real estate transactions. The escrow agent is a third-party that holds the purchaser’s funds and the seller’s documents transferring legal ownership. Escrow agents act in a third-party capacity to liaison between all parties involved.

The escrow agent verifies the purchaser has provided funds and that the transfer documents are received. At that moment, the closing is ready to take place

Our role as an Escrow Agent

As an escrow agent, for a home purchase or a rental lease, our role is to hold an initial deposit or deposits to benefit the seller or landlord. For the benefit of the purchaser, we will hold the transfer document from the seller. We ensure the lease requirement is precise for the lessee’s benefit so that move-in day is seamless.

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Alligator Title & Escrow uses smart technology to make closings clear and seamless 24/7 from wherever is convenient for you.

When is an Escrow Agent needed?

An escrow agent is needed anytime the parties, ready to transact, are looking for a neutral third-party to help facilitate the transaction’s minutia, from the receipt of the initial deposit or rental lease prepayments (often first, last and security deposit) to confirmation of receipt of seller documents or landlord keys. The first step in making any contract “go-hard” is the money movement between the buyer and the seller through Alligator Tile & Escrow as the escrow agent.

The transaction begins with an initial deposit or prepayment based on the contract. The seller or landlord has the responsibility to deliver the property in the form of transfer documents, for example, a warranty deed. The escrow agent holds funds and documents for the buyer and seller or lessee and landlord so that all parties in the transaction know it is moving forward as agreed.

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