Settlement Services

Accurate, Guaranteed.

We developed the Alligator Title & Escrow Settlement Suite℠ to deliver our high-tech, high-touch model, which allows each party to receive the settlement proceeds based on their unique preference. The suite includes multiple financial tools, including eChecks, wires, ACH payments, and hard checks. We are here to deliver results for you.

What are Settlement Services?

Settlement services refer to the coordination of all the payments due upon the completion of a transaction. A settlement means – disbursement of the buyer’s or lender’s cash. Distribution of funds often includes the property payment, listing and sales agent commissions, brokerage fees, seller’s attorney, title insurance fees, municipal tax payments, payment for the deed’s recordation, and all other various fees to finish and settle the transaction.

Add Us to Your Closing Team

Alligator Title & Escrow uses smart technology to make closings clear and seamless 24/7 from wherever is convenient for you.

What to Expect From Your Settlement Agent

The settlement agent manages the organization and coordination between all parties and service providers during the transaction. The agent gathers information, such as contact information, and payment amounts, while following complex lender instructions. The settlement agent’s job is to coordinate all the proper fees to the correct parties in the right amount, on time, either before, during, or after the real estate closing date.

Real Estate Settlement Service Fees

Settlement Service fees vary from title company to title company and adjust, depending on the real estate transaction’s complexity and size. It is essential to verify that your settlement agent is licensed, has adequate insurance and personnel to handle complex or even multiple transactions at once.

Alligator Title & Escrow settlement services ensure all parties are paid on time, every time.