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Closings are a smart and safe way for parties to close on real estate transactions electronically. Our clients have the luxury to review and eSign from any device during the transaction while having direct access to the Alligator team, providing a simple, secure real estate closing.

Closing services make the process more convenient, secure, and efficient while keeping all parties better informed. By leveraging leading technology (hyperlink to Qualia), the overall experience significantly improves. The best part, our clients always receive the knowledge, support, and expertise they expect with Alligator Title and Escrow’s high-touch approach.

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What is an eClosing?

During an eClosing, most or all documents are accessed, presented, and signed electronically. The benefits include:

Speed: Faster delivery of signed closing documents to the lender.

Convenience: Streamlined processes, support social distancing, close electronically from any device

Security: Less risk of an incomplete closing package to the lender and locked eSigned documents with dual validation.

Quality: Significantly reduces the probability of missing signatures or other omissions

Eco-Friendly: Less document storage and certification costs, reduced carbon footprint.

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Alligator Title & Escrow uses smart technology to make closings clear and seamless 24/7 from wherever is convenient for you.

How do Electronic (Digital) Title Closings work, and What Types of eClosings are there?

Alligator Title & Escrow offers a customizable digital experience. Our clients can choose between a hybrid of digital and wet signatures or a fully digital experience.

An eClosing is simply a catch-all phrase for using modern technology for all aspects of the transaction. Here is how it works.

In-Person Electronic Notarization (IPEN): Electronic documents are eSigned and eNotarized in-person and signed on an electronic device.

Remote Ink-Signed Notarization (RIN): Paper documents are ink-signed while a notary witnesses via a webcam. The ink-signed documents are then mailed back to the notary for final ink notarization.

Remote Online Notarization (RON): A fully digital process where electronic documents are eSigned and eNotarized, one identity is verified with the notary in a remote location via a webcam.

Hybrid: Any combination of closing types. Typically means ink-signing recordable/notarized documents and eSigning the rest of the closing package.

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eSigning and eNotary

Alligator Title and Escrow collaboration enables all parties to deliver documents securely. eSigning and eNotary portals allow for efficient and secure, fully digital document execution.

Additional Security + Keeping Your Documents Safe

eSignature platforms apply a “tamper-evident seal” to electronic documents. Any attempt to alter or change the documents will break the seal and expose the document as corrupted.

Our Electronic Closing Services

Alligator Title and Escrow Settlement Suite (SM) saves time, increases security, reduces paper and printing, eliminates shipping costs, reduces errors and omissions, and users enjoy a single login. With eClosing system integrations and one-on-one support and training, eClosings with Alligator Title and Escrow Settlement Suite℠ is seamless. We pride ourselves on our high-tech, high-touch℠ approach to best serve our clients.

Alligator Title and Escrow’s cloud-based eClosing platform empowers other real estate teams to deliver at their best. We offer a best-in-class closing experience. When you work with us, you are working with seasoned attorneys, CPA’s, and industry veterans who are experts in the business.

All parties have an easy way to keep track of the real estate transaction, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Alligator team provides online access to each transaction, giving everyone involved the convenience and confidence knowing the closing is on track with complete transparency. eSignature is built in. eNotary is integrated. Our document recording is integrated with all major counties in Florida.

Title Insurance

Title insurance protects the lender and purchaser from specific adverse issues that could have been discovered and cured before closing. Alligator Title and Escrow provides our clients with a full range of professional title insurance and real estate closing services.

Alligator Title & Escrow is a lawyer owned boutique title agency. Whether you are a realtor, lender, vendor, buyer, or seller, our goal is to provide our clients with exceptional service and execution on your closing process. We can help you every step of the way. Our focus is on clearing title issues and using the latest technologies to ensure transparent communication and security. Call Alligator Title & Escrow for further details or click here to sign up and start sending us your real estate transactions today.

Title Search & Examination

A title search is a process of reviewing all the previously recorded documents, liens, mortgages, encumbrances, and variances, of any particular property. Alligator Title and Escrow performs a title search and examination of the property to create a title report also referred to as a commitment. The report alerts our team to possible issues on the title. We address and solve these identified issues before closing. Prior to closing, every lender and buyer should have a guarantee that title is clear.

The title exam is a full property profile report that includes current ownership, liens, legal description, real estate tax information, and a copy of the vesting deed based on all relevant public record information.

The title commitment is the final piece of work that comes out of the title search and examination process. All the information we uncover during the search and examination is in the title commitment. It will contain incredibly valuable information needed to determine what is required to clear your title. Generally speaking, the title commitment includes several different sections, each of which shines a light on the status of the property and what you will need to close with confidence. (SM)